Imam Al Qaim (A.S)

بَقِيَّتُ اللَّهِ خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ مُؤْمِنِينَ ۚ وَمَا أَنَا عَلَيْكُمْ بِحَفِيظٍ

"What remains with Allah is better for you if you are believers, and I am not a keeper over you."

[Holy Quran, Surah Hud, Verse 11:86]

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sayyed Khorasani and Shoaib bin Saleh

Sayyed Khorasani:
The author of 'Eqdud-Durar' in chapter five narrates from Hafiz Abu Abdullah Na'eem - ibn -Hemaad who narrates from Sa'eed-ibn- Musayyeb that the Messenger of Allah (S.A.W.A.)said:

'A person from Bani-Abbass shall emerge from the East and whatever Allah Wishes will be established accordingly. Afterwards, men with small black flags will rise and will battle out with the offsprings of Abu Sufyan. They will prepare the ground for the obedience and submission of Mahdi.

In the same chapter of the afore-said book, its author narrates from Na'eem-ibn-Hemaad (from his book 'Fatan') that Muhammad-ibn-Hanafiya said: 

'The people of the flag will emerge from Khorasan. Afterwards people of another flag with white will rise. A man from Bani-Tamim called as Tamim-ibn-Saleh will face them.... it will be then that people would seek and desire for Mahdi.

Again, in the same chapter of the same book, its author narrates from Na'eem-ibn-Hemaad and he from Shareey-ibn-Abdullah Rashid-ibn-Sa'ad and Hamza-ibn-Habib as such:

'The people of the East will swear allegiance to a person from Bani-Hashim who shall emerge with the army of Khorasan. A man from Bani-Tamim will face them.... If mountains confront him, he will destroy them. Later he will encounter the army of Sufyani and will defeat them. Fierce battle will take place with them and he will kill them. He will expel them from one place to another until he will defeat them in Iraq. Thereafter an incident shall occur between them as a result of which Sufyani will gain victory and the Hashimi man will escape towards Mecca and Tamim-ibn-Saleh (who is one of the leaders of the army of Hashimi) will escape towards Baitul-Muqaddas. When Mahdi shall reappear, the Hashimi man too will emerge. 

Shoaib bin Saleh:
The Commander of the Faithful (‘a) said: 

“The Sufyani and the bearers of the black banners will confront each other while among the latter there will be a young man from the Bani Hashim in the palm of whose left hand would be a black mole. He would be in front of his soldiers and would be from the tribe of Bani Tamim. His name is Shu‘ayb ibn Salih.”

Hasan al-Basri said: 

“In the land of Rey a person named Shu‘ayb ibn Salih will appear having broad shoulders, a dark complexion, and beardless. There will be an army of four thousand men under his command whose garments will be white and their banners will be black. They will constitute the vanguard of the Mahdi’s army.”

‘Ammar ibn Yasir said: “Shu‘ayb ibn Salih is the standard-bearer of Hadrat al-Mahdi.”
Shablanji said: 

“The commander of the advance forces of Hadrat al-Mahdi (‘atfs) will be a man from the tribe of Bani Tamim with a slight beard and who will be called, Shu‘ayb ibn Salih.”

Muhammad ibn Hanafiyyah said: 

“An army will set out from Khurasan that will wear black belts and white shirts. One of the army’s vanguards will be the commander called Shu‘ayb ibn Salih or Salih ibn Shu‘ayb who is from the tribe of Bani Tamim. They will defeat the soldiers of the Sufyani and drive them away; they will arrive in Bayt al-Muqaddas and pave the ground for the government of Hadrat al-Mahdi.”

Appearance of  Sayyed Khorasani and Shoaib bin Saleh 

There are many questions about the personality of Shueyb and Khurasani.  The most important is his personality and whether the purpose of Khorasani in these narratives is specific person or means Iranian leader that will be at the time of Imam's appearance?
But the narratives about the Khorasani in the Sunni's sources and later in the Shiite's sources have been quoted clearly imply that the person is from children of Imam Hassan (AS) or Imam Hussein (AS) and he has been called Hashemi Khorasani and his physical attributes has been expressed and says that he has a bright face and a mark in his right check or right hand ... to end. 

But the narratives that can be find in the primarily sources of Shiite about this person, maybe introduced him as a supporter of Khorasanians or leader of Khorasani people or chief commander of Khorasan's forces. Because these narratives has named him only "Khorasani" and not Hashemi Khorasani. But there are some available evidences that imply he will appear simultaneously with the exit of Sfyany and Yemeni and he sends his forces to Iraq to defeat Sfyany's forces.

Among some questions that are raised about these two characters, is whether both name of Khorasani and Shueyb are two symbolic names and not real? in the response we can say that: the narratives about Khorasani have not mentioned his name so there is no reason to consider it a password. Yes, we can say that his relationship to Khorasan does not mean that he most be from State of Khorasn, because in the beginning of Islam, Khorasan used to refer to all the East which include Iran and other Islamic regions that used to be under control of Soviet Union.  So the person of Khorasani could be from any district in this range, and his relation to Khorasan is correct. And primary sources of Shiite do not indicate that he is Hassani or Hosseini as the narratives in the sources of our Sunni brothers have been expressed.

But about the Shueyb bin Saleh or Saleh bin Shueyb must say that narratives have mentioned some traits and features such as, he is young and skinny with thin beard. He has insight and certainly in his personality with great determination and supervision. He is an invincible man that can destroy the mountains in his way and passes... to end. Of course there is a possibility of covering his name for his safety until God wants to do so.  Also it is possible that his name and the name of his father are similar to Shueyb and Saleh or something like that. Some narratives say that he is from Samarkand under occupation of Russia but most of narratives say that he is from Ray or is from tribe of Bani-Tamim or maybe part of Bani-Tamim named (Mahrom) or he is a servant from Bani-Tamim.  Any way if this is correct, he should originally be from south of Iran, because there is still some tribes of Bani-Tamim or maybe from some tribes of Bani-Tamim who are living in the state of Khorasan since the beginning of  Islam and today most of them became part of Iranians people and just a few village remains from them and are near Mashhad and speak Arabic or have relationship with Arabs.

Another question is about the time these two characters appear. In the first season we mentioned that apparently their appearance going to be simultaneous with exit of Sfyany and Yemeni in the year of appearance. Of course, it is possible that this narrative that says " the time between exiting Shueyb and handing over the official power to Imam is seventy-two months" could be true. So in this case the time appearance of Khorasani and Shueyb will be six years before the appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) .But the time between the starting the government of Imam's base providers (the Iranians) by the powerful hands of a man from Qom and appearance of Khorasani and Shueyb as we said before is unknown. Unless some mentioned signs and indications that could determine the time in general. Among these indications is a narrative about the city of Qom and its events such as global status, religious status of this city and also that " it is close to the appearance of Imam " and has quoted in the Bihar v. 60, p. 213...

There is a narrated from Imam Sadiq (AS) in Bihar v. 52, p. 243 has quoted that he said: "If I get to that time, I will keep myself for the master of this matter" and it is indicate that the time between appearance of Imam (AS) and establish of Eastern government and entering into a war with their enemies is not more then a normal life of human.Among narratives in this field, is a Hadith that was quoted from Bihar v. 52, p. 269:

"God will grant the power to a man from family of Prophet (PBUH) who rule them base on justice and guide the people. He does not accept bribe when he judge between people. I swear to God I know him, his name and his father's name, then that the big man with Short body who has a spot in his face as well as two other marks in his body's skin. He is a righteous leader that protects and guard over what god deposit with him. He will fill the world with the justice, like it was full of oppression."
The narrative implies that the government of Imam Mahdi (AS) began by the noble man from descendant of Prophet's family and that probably means, Imam Khomeini, or after his age and before the appearance of Imam, could be one or more persons because as we said the narrative is incomplete...So Seyed Khorasani, is the last person before appearance of Imam Mahdi (AS) who rules Iran or is contemporary with the last person who would be king of Iran. 
And the last question is raised about the Sayed Khurasani is whether he has official or religious authority or a political leader beside a religious authority such as a president or one of the great companions and advisers of the authority who lead people?
What can be understand from the narratives about him, is that he is a great leader in the East, but the only possibility that remains is that he takes the political responsibility of the country base on the command from his great leader, which could be possible. God knows better.
And soon, we will mention some of the miracles and supernatural powers that God reveals by him and also the developing science during his time according to the narratives. Such as that, Imam chooses, "Sahleh", from the side of Karbala near Kufa for him and his family to live and some narratives been mentioned about this matter. Another thing about Imam is the long time that he stays in Iraq:
"Then he comes to Kufa and stay there until God wants so"
It look like the reason for his long staying, in addition to stabilizing the domestic situation in Iraq and choosing Iraq as the center of his government, is gathering all his assistances, especial companions from around the world in Iraq and organizing his military forces and sending them from Iraq to other territories, then among his army, move toward Quds to release it.  Form Imam Baqir (AS) has been narrated that he said:

"when the up riser (Imam) enters the Kufa, no believer stay unless to be there or wanted to go there. And this is speech of commander of believers (Imam Ali ) (AS) to his companions to move with them to destroy this tyrant(Sfyany"(1)

And also he said:
"Now I can see the up riser (Imam Mahdi ) in Najaf among five thousand angels came from Mecca to there while Gabriel (AS) is on his right side and Michael on his left side and believers moving in advance of him and he is spreading his forces around the cities"(2)
And in one narrative has expressed that:" Shueyb bin Saleh is his advance-guard"
He is the chief commander of Imam's forces.  According to some narratives the first army that Imam will send to battle, will fight  Turks. From bin-Hamad about this matter has quoted that :"Sfyany will fight with Turks, but their end will be by the hands of Imam Mahdi (AS) and that will be the first army that Imam will send to them" (3)
Nearly the same theme has mentioned in the book of Malahem and Faten from Ibn-Tavous, p. 52 that he quoted seventy pages or more of Ibn-Hamad in his book... we said in the section of Turks that the meaning of Turks in these narratives is unbelievers of Turks not their Muslims. In some narratives there are group of Turks or their brothers that perhaps means Russians.

Appearance of  Khorasani and Shueyb in Iran (p.130)


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