Imam Al Qaim (A.S)

بَقِيَّتُ اللَّهِ خَيْرٌ لَكُمْ إِنْ كُنْتُمْ مُؤْمِنِينَ ۚ وَمَا أَنَا عَلَيْكُمْ بِحَفِيظٍ

"What remains with Allah is better for you if you are believers, and I am not a keeper over you."

[Holy Quran, Surah Hud, Verse 11:86]

Sunday, July 8, 2012

End the loneliness of Imam Mahdi (ajf)

When that familiar time of Muharram comes around, many of us feel that connection once again. Our connection to Imam Hussain (as) is revived, we cry for him, we feel for him, we visit him, we talk to him. This connection is established with educated youth well.. The same youth that lacks a connection, if any, with the Imam of their time, of our time, Imam Muhammad Al-Mahdi (ajf).

It starts with the doubt about our Imam’s existence. Some people don’t really believe it, with the all too familiar questions we ask ourselves, can someone really live that long? Why occultation? Can he be Imam at 5? Some people think it is too idealistic, and that they are realists in not believing in a Messiah. And perhaps the most saddening question; was he really born? The fact is, he was, and the various narrations and explanations suffice to explain all these questions, for the eyes that wish to see. Even these though, aren’t enough. And for those who do believe the Imam is here with all their hearts, do you realise there is none Imam is more upset with than you? You, who knows he is among us, but carry on with your misdeeds; you delay him.

If we believe in the Thaqalayn, that RasoolAllah (S) left for us two weighty things, the Quran and the Ahlulbayt that will never separate in this world, then that alone should convince us that Imam is here, and waiting. There has to be a proof of Allah on this Earth. In Nahjul Balagha, Imam Ali (as) is talking to Kumail about knowledge, and says the following;

“The earth is never without one who stands for Allah with proof, either apparent and popularly known or hidden in fear so that the proofs of Allah and his commandments may not be voided.” –

Clearer narrations than this are available though I wish not to turn this into an article proving his existence, but we must end our doubt. However, with all on the Earth and around it proving God’s existence, we still have many Atheists in our societies today. If all we have now is not enough to convince some to believe in God, then the same applies for the Imam, some just don’t want to see. It is not in the fault of the narrations, for there are many that prove his existence and are reliable. It is a fault within us. That level you reach, when you improve in your prayer, you do your obligatory actions, you care for the needy, you spend your Thursday nights in contemplation, you stay up at night reading Munajat Imam Ali (as), you pray Salatul Layl, etc etc, you feel the presence of Allah is always with you. You are no longer in the need for any proof of God, you feel it. The same applies when it comes to the belief in our Imam, we must work to purify ourselves, better ourselves, in order to come closer to him. We need to develop emotional feelings for him.. Dua Nudba. We don’t realise what we have here, in the time we live, the greatest opportunity is passing us by whilst we eat drink and indulge.

Are we really his followers? Speaking on behalf of myself, how can I be, when I can’t even read the Quran properly? Who am I fooling? If I ever had the potential to be there for the Imam, I cut myself off from ever reaching that through my lack of care and misdeeds. Knowing I am delaying the reappearance of someone who I call my beloved makes me feel that which I deserve to feel. I know whilst reading this, you are thinking of your faults too. There are 300 million Shia in this world, and not even 313 of us are worthy… How lonely must he feel, to have not a person by his side? He waits by himself whilst the weight of the world is literally on his shoulders, and he can’t come out to fix it because of the lack of loyalty from us. Imagine him in his mornings, what he thinks of. Imagine him in his nights, what is he praying for? What does he dream of? Imagine he knows about you, and is hoping you can be someone to stand with him, yet you let him down. Imagine him seeing the state of this world, frustrated. How with pity Fridays have passed so quiet and so calm. Under the same beautiful moon I gaze upon night after night, is the man the world is waiting for. You are that sense of loneliness that is always with me, the hidden who is always present. Master, where are you?

Think of all the oppressed people of the world, all the poor and hungry, the enslaved. The only difference between them and us is that we were born into different parts of the world. We ignore them. These people can be saved through our Imam, yet we ignore them and him. This is a heart breaking subject, but one that must be addressed. I know my words aren’t worth much; this is why I want to share a poem, and part of a lecture with you, so that you may understand what exactly it is that we have done, and are still doing, to our Imam..

I hear a voice from Medina.. The voice says;

“Oh Ummah, I am your Prophet. My Mahdi is in abandonment, I am disappointed in all of you. I am disappointed. My Mahdi is heartbroken and upset. O Muslims, why do you break my beloved’s heart so?”

I hear a voice from Najaf. Listen carefully, the voice says;

  “I am the Walli, the Lion of God, Ali. Mahdi is heartbroken. I am unhappy with all of you. Oh my Shia, why do you torture him so with your misdeeds? When I was upset I would cry into my well. My Mahdi doesn’t have a well. Where should my Mahdi cry to?”

Another voice.. from Medina.. Compose yourselves. Whose voice is that? The voice says;

“I am Fatima, daughter of your Prophet. You know very well I’m not happy with your actions. My son, like me, is abandoned. Woe to you. O lovers, I love my son as he loves me. Allah won’t forgive those, who break his heart so. I’m a mother, he’s my son. I don’t have the strength to watch. My Mahdi is heartbroken.. I can no longer bare to see this..”

Pay attention and listen carefully. I hear a voice from Baqi. The voice says;..

“I am Hassan, master of the youth of heaven. Oh Muslims, I am amazed by you. A Shia should work hard, so that his Master isnt abandoned. You dont work for my Mahdi. This is more bitter than the poison that tore my liver to shreds. Dont stop doing dua for him. Maybe Allah will reveal a sign…”

Pay attention and listen. I hear another voice. This one.. from Karbala. The voice says;

“I am Hussain, the lover and beloved of Allah. O Shia, what happened to you that you stopped remembering your love? My Mahdi is the one who will avenge mine & my mothers blood. His tears mix with my bloodied shirt & flow endlessly.. why do you leave him?”

And yet, I hear another voice from Karbala.. Respectfully hide your hands, out of our shame in front of the water bearer. The voice says;

“I am Abbas! Where is your honour O you! Why do you leave your master without a friend or helper?! O Shia, what happened to your loyalty?.. Your condition is lamentable…”

The Quran says that Prophet Yaqub (as) cried for Prophet Yusuf (as), even though he knew where he was and that he was safe. He knew, and he still cried. For us, who don’t know where the Yusuf of Fatima (as) is, how should we cry? Surely, we need to cry more than Yaqub? Who knows the address of Mahdi (ajf), please tell us. Where is the son of Fatima? Agha! Where are you? Why do I see everyone but you? Cry for Mahdi’s sake, drop tears for him, he is alone, innocent. Cry so that your tears may become insurance for you in the afterlife, the Quran teaches us with Yaqub and Yusuf, crying for Imam is one of our duties.

Imam AlZaman says;

“If you remember me, then I will remember you. If you pray for my reappearance, then I will pray for your wellbeing. If you think of me, then I will be thinking of you.”

Who is more ghareeb than Imam Hussain (as)? More ghareeb, more alone, more abandoned than Imam Hussain, Mahdi Al-Zahra. Hussain is the Master of Martyrs, he was killed innocently, but.. Hussain had Abal Fadel. Who is the Abbas of our time? Hussain had Ali Akbar. Who is the Ali Akbar of our time? Hussain had Kassem, Aun, Jaffar, who is the Kassem for Imam AlZaman? Who does our Imam have? Who? Who does he have behind him? Who can he rely on?.. Is he relying on me and you? Our Imam has been alive, and alone, for 1170 years.

Do we even ask about our Imam? In the last 24 hours, how many times have you thought about Imam AlZaman? Master, where are you? What are you doing? Are you happy with me? Are you unhappy with me?.. Should the Imam really rely on me and you?

Those of you who say ‘Yabnal Hassan’, and believe in him, why do you continue to sin? Why have your eyes become so unclean? Why do you take away your Imams dignity with your actions? Imam Al-Zaman is heartbroken because of me and you. Me and you. Not because of the Sunnis, nor the Christians, nor the Jews, nor the Hindus. Me and you. Envisage the Imam; “You say Yabnal Hassan, yet you still sin? People sin, and I sit night and day and cry, and say Allah forgive them because of me, as they are the ones who cry for Hussain. The ones that wear black for him. The ones who cry for my beaten mother. For their tears, O Allah forgive them.”

Mahdi cries for us, so why do we not cry for Mahdi? One has the audacity to claim they are followers of him, yet don’t even wake up to pray two rakaat in the morning. One who goes to sleep without even having prayer on his mind, can he really call himself a Shia of Hujjatebnel Hassan? Our youth have become so concerned with this world, girls in their superficiality and make up, boys in their indulgence and extravagance, both in the opposite sex, those who partake in undignified acts, and know themselves as Shia, does this not break Imam Mahdi’s heart into pieces? Are we not stabbing him in the back with our actions?

Cry. Cry till the point that you have won over your Imam’s heart. Do something for him. Not even a dua do you say for him. Nothing. If you were to strip all your duas and wishes away and leave only those for and about Imam, how many would there be left? Have you taught your child dua Al Faraj? They know all the songs from TV, football players, movie stars, word for word, name for name, but not this dua. We have emptied our love for our Imam, we offer no loyalty.

Imam AlZaman is heartbroken, but not with those who stand up and say “Yabnal Hassan!” and act as his people. Those who, if they know they wont wake up, stay up the night and perform their prayer. “Imam Zaman, I leave my life in yours hands. Imam, can you put your holy hands on my chest, and wake me so that I may see your beauty?”.. Those people, who fall asleep with his love. Then, when they wake up in the morning, pray their prayer, read Ziyarat Ashura, read Dua AlFaraj. Research the book Mo’ood Nameh, which will show you the value of this Dua. The first 20-30 pages of this book are only about the rewards of Dua AlFaraj! As soon as you recite and raise your hands to say 

“Allahuma kun liwaliekal Hujjatibnel Hassan”, Imam also raises his hands, and says “O Allah, for my sake, give him what he wants. O Allah, he has remembered me, and I have remembered him.”

When they leave their houses, the true believers call to Sahibul Zaman,

“O Imam please watch over me today. I don’t want to sin today, you hold my hand and stop me”.. If you give yourself to Imam AlZaman, he will hold your hand. Give him your hand.



Abrar Ahmed said...

Mashallah! Let Allah help me and you and everyone cry and beg Allah to hasten the pure progeny of Prophet s.a. :(

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